Who We Are

We are a bionics company that produces prostheses, to facilitate amputees’ daily life.

We produce customized and user-friendly bionic arms and prosthetic limbs.

We also produce prostheses, specialized for sports, such as tennis, basketball, swimming, weightlifting, planks, horseback riding, and others.

We innovate technology to serve humanity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce bionic arms and prosthetic limbs that are cost-efficient and accessible to all people at all ages.

We believe in the right of every person to enjoy the facets of life, despite all challenges.


Our G-Arm, is a myoelectric prosthetic arm, which operates easily, along with the movement of the muscles, which in turn redirects its movements to assist amputees in their daily activities, such as eating, drinking, working, riding bicycles, holding phones and other objects.

The G-Arm is lightweight, plug-and-play, cost efficient, and made of recycled material, FDA approved. It is non-invasive and it can be worn for long hours without having any skin irritation. Most importantly, it is cost-efficient and made accessible to all people at all ages. It has a long battery life. It can be adjusted according to the person’s favorite design and color, and adapted to their desired functions. It is produced to resemble the real arm and in the same size. The G-ARM is customized to every patient so that they don’t feel any variation between the two peripherals.


Seif Dandashi

Seif is a 2 years old vibrant boy, with a captivating smile and the cutest gestures. He was born with a missing limb, from below the elbow, due to a virus during the pregnancy period. Being introduced to Bionics MENA, his parents decided to acquire for him his first prosthetic arm, to instill in him, […]

Rita Esber

Rita Esber, Motivational Speaker and Bionic Model. This is her Story: It’s hard proving yourself that you are strong enough to live a normal life, without people staring and wondering how and why. I was born with a missing limb from below the elbow, I have a difference I can’t hide. At first I was […]

Karl Akl

World, meet Karl, 6 years old. A vibrant young boy, passionate about life and sports. Born with a missing palm, due to Amniotic Band Syndrome, Karl grew an independent and a self-confident personality. With his parents’ encouragement and continuous support, Karl has been always developing a hope for the future

Gracia Cherfane

Gracia, the 5 years old bionic super star. Loved and supported by her older brothers, friends, and surroundings, Gracia has built a strong and passionate personality, all at an early stage. With her G-ARM, she has mastered her daily activities so perfectly,

Haidar Ayoub

Meet our handsome 8 years old Haidar, a very special young boy, with so much to explore and learn. Independent and full of enthusiasm since his early days, Haidar has always faced difficult experiences with positivity. Society was cruel to him at some point,

Charbel Youssef

A promising handsome young man who lost his arm from the shoulder, at the age of 19, due to a car accident. He suffered alot in the ER for the numerous operations that he had to go through. Soon after he was discharged from the hospital, it was as if a new life he had […]

Mohammad Chokor

A young man in his mid thirties and a father of a boy looking up to him, Mohammad lost his arm due to an accident, at the age of 13. Many years have passed where he wasn’t convinced of having a bionic arm, until he met us in Bionics MENA. He was thrilled about its […]

Razane Sayed Ahmad

“Hello, I am Razane El Sayed Ahmad, a 26 years old trainee lawyer.I was born without my right arm. I never looked at my situation as a disability that keeps me from completing my goals, but rather a motive that pushes me to go forward.When I was a teenager, I felt unconformable from the pity […]

George Haddad

Say Hi to Georges, 11 years old, a new hero in our Bionics Family. He was born with his palm missing the 3 fingers, the thumb, the ring, and the pinky. We worked together and produced a palm with his 3 missing fingers. Georges was very excited, as he did absolutely phenomenal since his first […]


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