Lower Prosthetics

After years of extensive research and development, we reached the phase where we produce lower prosthetics. They resemble the human leg to a great extent; in terms of shape and mobility.

At the level of the foot, the ankle moves forwards and backwards; right and left. As for the toes, they bend in a way giving you the same feeling as your other leg.

The knee bends easily along with the movement of the body; with flexibility and fast response.

You can move at ease, comfortably and flexibly.

With the technology that we are using, we scan the whole body to make sure the produced prosthetic is customized to your preferences and of the same length and compatible with the body’s weight and proportions.

The prosthetic legs are made of recycled materials. They are remarkably lightweight, almost half the weight of the prosthetics that are available now in the market.

Our goal is to help you walk easily, at your own pace and preference!