The G-Arm

Our G-Arm, is a myoelectric prosthetic arm, which operates easily, along with the movement of the muscles, which in turn redirects its movements to assist amputees in their daily activities, such as eating, drinking, working, riding bicycles, holding phones and other objects.

The G-Arm is lightweight, plug-and-play, cost efficient, and made of recycled material, FDA approved. It is non-invasive and it can be worn for long hours without having any skin irritation. Most importantly, it is cost-efficient and made accessible to all people at all ages. It has a long battery life. It can adjusted according to the person’s favorite design and color, and adapted to their desired functions. It is produced to resemble the real arm and in the same size. The G-ARM is customized to every patient so that they don’t feel any variation between the two peripherals.